Kent Charcoal & Firewood in Ashford

At Kent Charcoal and Firewood, we pride ourselves on providing Ashford with reliable, high-quality, sustainable firewood that ensures long-lasting burns.

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 Sustainably Sourced, Environmentally Friendly

Beech BBQ Smoking Wood Chips

Beech Wood Smoking Chips 3L


Apple wood BBQ smoking chips 3L pouch

Apple Wood Smoking Chips 3L


Olive Firewood Logs 30L


Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs


Kent Charcoal & Firewood in Ashford

Kent Charcoal Firewood was established to provide smooth local delivery services throughout Kent, fondly dubbed the Garden of England, keeping homes cosy and warm. We are committed to supplying Ashford with high-quality, environmentally friendly firewood engineered for prolonged burning and ideally suited for woodstoves, fireplaces,  outdoor fire pits, and much more.

Fire Pit Fuel

Kent Charcoal & Firewood provide a premium assortment of fuels crafted to spark memorable outdoor gatherings and cosy evenings by the fire. Each product is developed with quality and sustainability at the forefront, from eco-friendly firewood logs to efficient firelighters. Our fire pit fuels are meticulously selected to offer reliable performance, easy ignition, and enduring warmth, ensuring a delightful ambience for any event. With Kent Charcoal’s Fire Pit Fuel range, you can create cherished moments and lasting memories with friends and family while basking in the comforting glow of a crackling fire.


Our Fire-starters include a comprehensive selection of products designed to ignite your grilling adventures with ease. From reliable firelighter cubes to convenient fire starter sticks, each item is crafted to ensure quick and efficient ignition for your charcoal or firewood. With our fire-starting solutions, you can bid farewell to frustrating delays and welcome hassle-free BBQ sessions or cosy evenings around the fire pit. Trust Kent Charcoal to provide the spark needed to get your flames roaring and your gatherings glowing!

BBQ Cooking

Our BBQ Cooking range features an array of charcoal options specifically designed to enhance the flavour and pleasure of outdoor grilling. From traditional charcoal briquettes to premium hardwood lump charcoal, each variety is meticulously crafted to deliver consistent heat, prolonged burning times, and an authentic smoky flavour that elevates your BBQ dishes. With Kent Charcoal, every grilling session becomes an unforgettable culinary adventure.

Firewood Logs

Kent Charcoal’s Firewood Logs consist of a select range of superior-quality logs, carefully sourced and ideally seasoned for outdoor fires. Our logs are produced from sustainably harvested wood, ensuring both environmental responsibility and outstanding performance. Whether you’re cosying up by a garden fire pit or enjoying the rustic charm of a wood-fired oven, our firewood logs provide consistent burning, excellent heat output, and a delightful aroma that enhances any outdoor environment. With Kent Charcoal’s Firewood Logs, elevate your outdoor experiences and forge lasting memories around the flickering flames of a crackling fire.

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying On Google

Liselle WitherspoonLiselle Witherspoon
08:46 17 Jun 23
Great product, quick delivery (free) and really knowledgeable team who are happy to answer questions about what charcoal I should use.
Kenny OliverKenny Oliver
09:25 29 Mar 23
Amanda VollerAmanda Voller
18:45 24 Mar 23
Always competitive prices and delivery when they say. I have been using this company for 5 years now and that’s what keeps me coming back.
Ian SullivanIan Sullivan
19:11 17 Jan 23
Jack JacksonJack Jackson
11:12 20 Dec 22
Low prices. excellent quality.
14:42 15 Jul 22
Been looking for some firewood recently due to purchasing a new bonfire pit. Kent Charcoal & Firewood were the most reasonably priced that didn't require me to either order a builders bulk bag, or go and pick up wood logs from the yard. It was quite a rush as I wanted firewood by Saturday, spoke to Kenny via Instagram on Friday morning, he sorted out issues I had with my order as well as spending time to explain different types of firewood, then processed my new order. Ordered at roughly 9:30-10AM, delivery slot allocated from 11:30 - 13:30. Arrived 12PM. Superb service and delivery. Highly recommend and will definitely be ordering more from them.
Nicky KingNicky King
07:58 23 May 21
I needed last minute BBQ and fire pit products. I found Kent Charcoal & Firewood on Google and managed to get same day delivery, all the products were great quality and the customer service was amazing. Also surprised to find they were cheaper than a lot of similar products on Amazon. I will only use these from now on.
Glafkos HavariyounGlafkos Havariyoun
14:42 02 Jan 21
I was looking for lump wood charcoal and to my good luck I found Kent Charcoal & Firewood ltd. I contacted them on Facebook to see if they were open (2/1/2021) as I needed the items on the same day. I offered to go and pick them up but they were happy to deliver them to me on the same day free of charge (+£10 orders) !! Absolutely brilliant customer service. Products are great as well! Love the charcoal lighters as well; organic and odourless!!! Highly recommended!!!

Ready To Burn

By selecting fuels that have been certified and marked as "Ready to Burn," users can effortlessly adhere to the Air Quality (Domestic Solid Fuels Standards) (England) Regulations, ensuring compliance with legal standards for emissions and air quality.

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At Kent Charcoal & Firewood Company we pride ourselves on providing the very best possible customers service. You let us know what you require, no matter how big or small, and we will go the extra mile to make it happen. Please contact our friendly & knowledgeable team with any question or query.

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