Sustainable British Lumpwood Charcoal



Carefully Crafted in Britain

Local British Sustainable Hardwoods

Quick to light, high heat and long burn time 2hrs+

BBQ smoking and grilling

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Our British Lumpwood BBQ charcoal is ethically crafted using purpose built friendly emission retorts. The wood to be charred and made into hardwood charcoal is heated in a vessel which is deprived of oxygen. The vessel is heated using farm wood waste. The British lumpwood is from a natural mix of locally sourced hardwoods from managed woodlands similar to our firewood logs, such as Birch, Beech, Ash and Oak. This results in a delightful high heat flavour-infusing, sustainable and natural charcoal product. •

Weight 3 kg

3 Bags, 6 Bags, 12 Bags


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Sustainable British Lumpwood BBQ Charcoal 18L Bag
Sustainable British Lumpwood Charcoal